Decode/Verify TOTP QR Image

Welcome to our QR Code Decoder Service! This tool allows you to upload QR code images and decode the information they contain. Whether you're curious about the content of a QR code or need to extract specific details, our service makes the process quick and easy.

How It Works
  1. Upload: Select a QR code image file using the provided form.
  2. Decode: Our service will process the image using standard decoding techniques.
  3. TOTP Toolset: The tool will give you a direct link to calculate OTPs from the uploaded QR image using TOTP Toolset (sha1 or sha256 version).
  4. Inspect Results: If the QR code is a standard TOTP profile image, you'll see detailed parameters such as the secret, issuer, and account. For other QR codes, you'll be informed if they do not follow the expected TOTP format.

Decode an image