Model Number miniOTP-3-i Nonbranded
Form-factor mini card
Functions TOTP configurable
Dimensions 64 × 38 × 1 mm
Weight 5 gr
1 profile

restricted time sync
Product ID T2-58
Wordpress fully compatible
Google Account fully compatible
Azure On-Prem MFA Server fully compatible
Azure Cloud MFA / Office 365 AD Premium P1 or P2 fully compatible
Azure Cloud MFA / Office 365 AD Free/Basic fully compatible
Stripe Dashboard fully compatible
Meraki Dashboard fully compatible
ISDecisions UserLock fully compatible
ESET Secure Authentication fully compatible
Watchguard AuthPoint fully compatible

Not listed here

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Token2 miniOTP-3-i programmable card with restricted time sync - nonbranded


21.94 CHF

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NFC programmable TOTP hardware token in a mini-card format than can be programmed using our burner apps available for  Android, iPhone or Windows

A nonbranded version of miniOTP-3 token. 

The seeds can be set and reset an unlimited number of times using Token2 NFC burner Android and Windows applications.

Note! Different from miniOTP-2 and OTPC-P1, with this token, setting time will automatically clear the current seed to eliminate the risk of replay attacks. Therefore this model is not recommended to be used with systems not supporting time drift, such as DUO


Form-factor: mini card

Algorithm: TOTP

Time offset: 30 seconds

Number of digits: 6

Hash algorithm: sha1 (default) or sha256 (set using NFC burner)

Screen type: e-Ink

Screen size: 24 × 7 mm

Dimensions: 64 × 38 × 0.9 mm

Weight: 4 gr

Expected lifetime: 4-5 years 

Programmable: Yes

Maximal seed length: 63 bytes (126 hex / 101 base32)

Time sync: Yes [restricted: setting time will clear the seed]