Molto-2 Multi-profile TOTP Programmable hardware token

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⚠ a new version of this product is available: Molto-2 v2

A multi-profile USB-programmable TOTP hardware token that can hold up to 50 TOTP accounts. The profiles can be provisioned/configured via USB using our Molto-2 USB Config tool. Molto-2 also has additional features such as OTP shown as a QR image and HID/Keyboard emulation feature.

▣ RFC 6238 compliant

▣ supports up to 50 accounts/profiles

▣ USB-programmable with a Windows app

▣ USB keyboard emulation (USB cable included)

▣ RTC battery life: 8 years

▣ LCD screen battery: 3-4 months (rechargeable)

▣ Designed, engineered and assembled in Switzerland


Dimensions 74x53x12.9 mm
TOTP Profiles up to 50
Programmable via USB, Windows app
Time sync Yes
Time step 30 or 60 seconds
Hash algorithm SHA1 or SHA256
Configuration protection Password protected - password can be changed
OTP Length 4, 6, 8 or 10 digits
OTP Entry Manual, HID-emulation1 or by scanning QR code2

Migrate from mobile apps

Token2 programmable hardware tokens can be used as drop-in replacement of TOTP mobile apps. Token2 has developed solutions to migrate from apps like Google Authenticator and Authy to any of our hardware tokens.

1 HID Emulation  

 The device can send the OTP over USB thanks to HID emulation function built-in. This will allow minimizing the user actions needed to authenticate with any 2FA-enabled system. The video below shows the process of logging in to a Gmail account using this feature (the user selects Google profile on the device and presses a button instead of typing in the 6 digits. Molto-2 will also submit the form as it sends the Enter key together with OTP)

2 OTP as QR 

The devices showing the OTP as a QR code have the most potential of greatly improving user experience, especially with custom apps if QR scanning in implemented.

Buttons and screen elements

Molto-2' physical buttons and visual display elements are described in the figure below:

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    Wordpress fully compatible
    Google Account fully compatible
    Azure On-Prem MFA Server fully compatible
    Azure Cloud MFA / Office 365 AD Premium P1 or P2 fully compatible
    Azure Cloud MFA / Office 365 AD Free/Basic fully compatible
    Stripe Dashboard fully compatible
    Meraki Dashboard fully compatible
    ISDecisions UserLock fully compatible
    ESET Secure Authentication fully compatible
    Watchguard AuthPoint fully compatible
    Duo fully compatible
    WebUntis fully compatible
    application or system developed by you fully compatible
    not listed here contact us to check the compatibility
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