Lifecycle of an order

The timeline below shows our regular order workflow for hardware tokens (does not apply to software and licenses)

  • Requesting a quote

    [Optional] If your internal procedures require an official quote before placing an order you can request a quote online: just add the product you need to the shopping cart and use "Request quote" button on the checkout page. Note that there are normally no discounts for orders below 50 units

  • Placing the order

    Customer selects the product(s) and/or the product packs and adds to the shopping cart. Shipping options and costs are presented at the checkout page

  • Payment

    Once the order is finalized, customers should proceed to the payment. Payment is possible using all major credit cards (via our payment provider - Stripe), PayPal or Bank transfer.
    If a quote was previously requested, the customer can send the quote (with "Accepted" text in any language and a signature) or a formal purchase order. In this case, for commercial orders, we can accept Net15 and in exceptional cases Net30 payment terms.

  • Shipping

    After payment is completed, the order will be dispatched and usually shipped within two or three business days. If shipping option selected is including tracking, the tracking code will be added to the order page and the link will be sent to the customer

  • Delivery times

    Depending on the shipping option selected and the destination country, the delivery with regular post takes between 5 days (i.e. Switzerland and France) and 8 weeks (New Zealand, Australia etc.). Shipping with express options (DHL, FedEx, UPS) is usually significantly faster. 
    Please note that these are estimations based on recent statistics only, the actual delivery times may vary significantly for various reasons. Holidays, weather conditions and customs clearance delays may also affect these times.

  • Requesting secret keys

    Once the products are delivered, customers should request the secret keys by clicking on "Request Seeds" on the order page. Please note that this is a manual process and will need to be reviewed by our team. Keys requested in standard formats (Hex, Base32 or CSV for Azure MFA) are normally sent within one business day (CET timezone). After the secret keys are received, you should import them to your authentication system. See below the integration guides for some of the systems. Please note that you do not need to request secret keys for programmable tokens - you can set the keys yourselves using one of our burner apps

  • Data transfer security

    We strongly recommend using PGP or GPG encryption to transfer secret keys for your tokens. PGP and GPG are popular solutions for encrypting, decrypting, signing, and verifying messages and files, often found in email communications and package repository identity verification. When requesting the secret keys, customers should submit their public PGP/GPG keys to encrypt with

    More information about how we store and transfer the secret keys is available here
  • Production

    Once the secret keys are delivered and imported we consider the order workflow completed. But even after this phase we are here to help you, do not hesitate to contact us

  • Time Drift

    All TOTP hardware tokens have a natural tendency to introduce time-drift after some period*. This is quite normal (and is also mentioned in the RFC 6238: #6) and therefore the authentication server must be able to cope with the potential time-drift with TOTP tokens in order to minimize any impact on users (most of the servers do this automatically)

    some of our tokens allow adjusting the system time, which allows to remove the drift and solve this issue
    *the average time drift for TOTP hardware tokens is around 2 minutes per year

  • Battery life and disposal

    Battery life of our tokens is between 3 and 8 years, depending on the model and the utilization mode. Security keys do not contain batteries, and can be used for longer time (>10 years).

    As our OTP tokens contain batteries, when disposing of any quantity of devices, customers should contact their municipal waste disposal facility prior to discarding the device in normal trash.