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FAQ: NFC Burner applications

Find the answers to frequently asked questions about our burner applications below. 
Please have a look at this article, explaining the NFC stability issues. 
Token2 Burner App for miniOTP-1 is using the following error codes:
0x10040011 or 0x10030011-  means NFC connectivity is unstable or cannot be established. Before burning please make sure your phone sees the card by using “get OTP” button.

FAQ: NFC Burner applications
If NFC is still not working try changing the position of the token to make sure antennas overlap - i.e. from vertical to horizontal or vice versa. The exact location of the NFC antenna depends on the phone model, but usually it is under the camera (see the illustration of Samsug Galaxy S6 as an example).

FAQ: NFC Burner applications
The NFC antenna on the phone should ideally overlap with the NFC chip of the programmable token covering as larger surface of the NFC antenna as possible. The image below shows the location of the NFC chip of miniOTP-1 card.
 0x10050012 - is shown if the seed length is higher than the maximum allowed (40 chars in hex , 32 chars in base32 format)
Other possible errors:
0x10010010 Fail to read token info
0x10010015 Fail to read current OTP
0x10010018 Fail to burn seed
0x10010025 Fail to read SN
0x10020010 Invalid data format
0x10020011 Invalid data length
0x10020012 Invalid protocol head
0x10020013 Invalid data type
0x10020014 Incorrect check bits
0x10030011 Card reader operation failed
0x10030012 Card reader is not connected
0x10030013 Invalid card reader parameter
0x10030014 Communication error
0x10030015 Connection time out
0x10030016 Card is not detected
0x10050010 Transmission parameter error
0x10050011 SN mismatch
0x10050012 Invalid seed length of format

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