Token2 Control panel

Once registered, you can manage your sites using our control panel. Using its simple and intuitive interface you can add, edit or remove sites, add credits and view or edit sites' users.
See below a few screenshots of the control panel.

Adding a site

Click on "New site" link on the main page of the control panel to add a new website.

Test mode
You can choose whether to enable test mode for the website being created. This can be useful if you want to debug/test your integration without spending SMS balance credits. If in test mode one-time passwords are sent by email instead of SMS messages.
Warning! Do not use test mode in production!
Allow SMS reset
Allows your users to reset mobile application profile using SMS verification. The site needs to have enough SMS balance to allow SMS reset.

Each site has its own API key. Each new site comes with 20 free SMS credit balance.

User management

Users are normally added via Token2 API calls. To view each site's users, click on users icon next to site name in the main control panel table.